Carpet plays an important role in making your home/business look neat and clean. This is one reason why regular carpet cleaning is recommended (and necessary).

Furthermore, you need to be careful with materials and substances that can stain your carpet. Even after taking utmost care, you might still end up spilling a liquid or dropping a substance on your beautiful carpet and hence causing a stain; and even a small stain can really destroy the appearance of your carpet making it look unclean.

Stains need to be attended to and cleaned by professionals who have special solutions suitable for your type of carpet.  Do not use any household cleaners, since many household products contain chemicals that may permanently damage your carpet.

Professional Carpet Stain Treatment

Stains require specialized treatment where a number of solutions are required in order to remove the stain and or the process needs to be repeated several times in order to fully extract the stain from the carpet fibre. MCS uses the Bridgepoint stain removal system which has a proven track record both in Australia and the United States. Please note that some stains that are deemed permanent may not respond satisfactorily to any treatment. For this reason we cannot guarantee removal of permanent stains.

Red wine stains are unfortunately common where we use the heat exchange system, apply our special red wine remover, place a damp cloth over the stain, apply heat to progressively remove the stain in conjunction with blotting and rising.

To help avoid staining you should consider having MCS stain resist your carpet. Advance stain resistant treatment (commonly  known as scotchguard) where this treatment decreases the ability of a liquid base stain to penetrate the carpet fibre. Benefits are resistance to oil, water, household food and beverages, and adhesion of dry soils. For most commercial clients and residential customers this treatment is worth the additional investment. Treatment will last up to three steam cleans which extends the value of this protection.

Heat exchange system