MCS is here to assist individuals and families that are faced with the challenges of dealing with a home of a Hoarder. Hoarding is the excessive collection and retention of things or animals until they interfere with day-to-day functions such as home, health, family, work and social life.

Hoarders become emotionally attached to everything. They are unable to distinguish trash from treasures. Hoarding “feels right” to the hoarder, in spite of health and safety consequences.

Hoarding is not limited to any age, race, gender or nationality. Hoarding behaviour can begin early in life but is more prevalent in older adults. Hoarders can be of any educational or socio-economic level. They are unaware that their living circumstances pose a danger to themselves and to others. They are unable to change unsafe conditions on their own.

There are many types of Hoarders, some who have OCD and buy items of all sorts continuously and some that never throw away their garbage/waste. Any of these can present certain dangers and challenges. Such clean-up projects are required because the home is unsafe to inhabit due to mass volumes of debris, mould growth, fire hazards, faeces, urine and insect/rodent infestation (refer below for more details).

Dead Rodents

MCS is regularly requested to visit a site to investigate the source of a bad odour which includes the detection and removal of a dead animal e.g. rodent. The site then requires to be decontaminated and location and surrounding areas deodorised.

Before & Afters


The benefit of using MCS is to utilise the experience and expertise to transform the property to a state where it can be safely inhabited again.

MCS will separate all valuables, heirloom pieces and sentimental items to return to the family. MCS does require direction from the family to know what to look for but if in doubt the item will be retained by MCS allowing the family to make the decision to retain or dispose.

Our company strives to provide superior standards of service with the utmost importance on the protection, health, and safety of our employees and any people involved in the situation. Due to our experience MCS provides an efficient and effective clean-up of such dwellings guaranteeing the desired end result requested by our client. Furthermore, MCS can advise/perform decontamination of affected area(s) which become visible after clearing out contents (e.g. mould, human waste etc).

Increased Risk of Fire

The accumulation of combustible materials, such as newspapers, clothing and rubbish, can pose a severe fire hazard. The amount of combustible materials creates an extremely hot, fast-spreading fire that is difficult to suppress. Escaping the home in a fire can be impossible due to blocked hallways, doorways and windows.

Increased Risk of Disease, Injury and Infestation

The storage of hoarded items makes cleaning nearly impossible, which can lead to unsanitary living conditions and increases the risk of disease. The lack of regular home maintenance can result in the loss of running water, heat or refrigeration. Toilets and sinks may be unusable or inaccessible. Hoarding also increases the risk of injury. Stacked items can fall on someone, or they can cause people to trip and fall. Accumulated garbage can lead to mould germination, rat and insect infestations