Sharps and Needle/drug paraphernalia removal/clean-up

All too often there are reports that someone has come across a discarded needle – in parks, behind public buildings out of sight from the public, in or near bins, public toilets, apartment complexes/houses etc. Sharps including syringes, needles, bandages, alcohol pads through to belts used as tourniquets represent danger particularly to young children unaware of the risks involved. When needles are found they almost always have been used and contaminated with blood. Often there is a small amount of blood left inside, blood soaked bandages or cotton wool and viruses that are not visible to the human eye.

These needles/bandages may have viruses that cause hepatitis B and C, and HIV, plus many other diseases. Therefore, it is important that all drug paraphernalia be safely collected and disposed of correctly.

needles-and-sharps-clean-up needles-and-sharps-clean-up2

MCS offers the searching of facilities, collection and disposal of such items ensuring nobody gets hurt accidentally. At MCS we have the experience, PPE equipment and knowledge to safely inspect, detect, remove and dispose of all contents. Due to the risks and potential hazards trained professionals should be engaged where you can rely on MCS to respond with speed in your time of need.