Mould can commence germination within 48 hours of the building experiencing water damage/dampness/elevated moisture and can spread rapidly if the situation is not addressed.

The source of moisture can come from many possibilities:

  • Damp basement/downstairs rumpus room
  • Leaky roof
  • Steam from the shower or cooking
  • Water sprinkler spray hitting the house
  • Water bed (very slow leak)
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Overflow from sinks or sewers
  • Wet cloths drying indoors
  • Relative humidity 60% or higher
  • Clothes dryers exhausting indoors
  • Garden water features
  • Flooding
  • House plants if prone to over watering and indoor fish tanks
  • Damp shoes, boots or sand shoes particularly if located in poor ventilated area
  • Blocked gutters or down pipes resulting in excess water entering the home by various means.  
  • Rising damp in walls or floors due to water table near surface, broken underground pipe or garden bed/ raised ground against the building.
  • Condensation due to poor ventilation or large temperature differences between the indoors and outdoors / building cavities or spaces.
  • Modern day building designs which lack good natural ventilation.

Identifying the source of moisture is a must in order for it to be permanently fixed; otherwise we are wasting your money on restoration as mould will return.

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