Moisture Control Services (MCS) is a specialist in cleaning/restoring documents, files, records and reports where this can include:

  • Mould  infested books, documents, records or files
  • Mould infested book shelving and associated areas
  • Contaminated paper based items from black water/sewage

Damp/wet paper based items can provide an ideal environment for mould to germinate as the paper is an excellent food source for the mould and treatment is immediately required.

 MCS areas of service include:

  • Personal Book Collections
  • Private & Public Libraries
  • Confidential Records & Documentation
  • Books/files required by law to be maintained as a permanent record
  • Historical books, permanent files or records

What you can expect

  1. Mitigation and recovery of mouldy book collection or documents;
    Quick response is required to prevent secondary damage to previously unaffected areas of the collection.
  2. Free advice over the telephone, from anywhere in Australia;
  3. Conduct initial visit and take mould samples
  4. Provide report of findings, recommendations, mitigation and guidelines for onsite conservation or pack-out and restoration at MCS premises
  5. Work can be carried out in nominated customer priority to minimise business interruption


MCS has treated mould in library collections and books of significance for clients throughout South East Queensland, Sunshine and Fraser Coasts, Central Queensland and up to Darwin in the North. Clients vary from City/Regional Councils, Hospitals, Government bodies and Universities.

In favourable conditions mould will continue to grow and spread within the collection until treatment occurs or climatic conditions change substantially (refer Quick facts about mould).