Odour Control Services

In conjunction with our trauma scene clean up work, MCS needs to combat with odours of varying degrees. Fabric based items near the point of incident will be disposed off which can retain odours. Based upon the level of odour and duration of time before the deceased was located will determine the means to eliminate the smell.

  • Fogging – Using an ultra low volume fogger which propels very small size droplets into the environment very similar to a fine mist with a bio-enzymatic odour digester solution. It contains an odour counteractant to remove odours in the air. When sites are fogged ideally they need to remain closed for a minimum of 12 hours wherever possible. Re-treatment may be required for very strong, pungent odour jobs in conjunction with air scrubbers (filters internal air).
  • Hydroxyl generators – Hydroxyls are naturally occurring molecules that are created when ultraviolet rays react with water vapour, creating (-OH). These hydroxyl radicals oxidize and destroy pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, odours, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and more. Hydroxyls are 33% more effective than ozone while at the same time is safe for plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, textiles, electronics and other sensitive materials as opposed to ozone. In order to disperse the hydroxyls, air mover must be mated to the output port of the unit and additional air movers may be placed throughout the structure to ensure good circulation of the molecules. Ideally the affected room(s) need to be closed up during operation to aid removal of the odour.