Tenant of the property was in hospital and upon return to their house, they discovered it had been broken into and the place was trashed.


Queensland Police Services was contacted by the Tenant to investigate this crime who conducted finger print analysis in various areas throughout the house on surfaces that may have been touched by the intruder. This is the black substance you can see in various photos which included around the handle of the back door as per photo to the right.

Intruder drew on various doors and places inside the house.

Moisture Control Services (MCS) picked up keys and performed initial inspection of the property in order to assess scope of work, equipment and man power required. The house was low set with three bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, toilet, kitchen, dining room, hallway and lounge room. Finger print dust was on most doors and doorway frames, micro-wave, refrigerator, dishes, kitchen bench and toilet cistern. Inside the house in every room was food/toys spread througout as well as used nappies, ants, clothing and rubbish. Blood was on the walls of the laundry.

MCS invested 17 hours in this job to remove all rubbish, clean away all fingerprint dust, wipe all toys/contents and mop the floors. Drawings on three doors, hallway and above lounge suit could not be removed and such areas will need to be repainted in order to return the property to a pre-loss condition.