MCS provides sewage damage expertise, assessment, restoration and remediation when you incur sewage contamination/inundation or flooding from outside to your apartment, unit, home, property, building affecting your carpet, furniture, ceiling, timber/wood floor, contents and walls. Our invoices are accepted by all insurance companies, body corporate managers and assessors.

Causes of sewerage decontamination and damage:

  • Sewage back-up
  • Blockage
  • Pipe backup,
  • Toilet overflow / leak
  • Burst sewage pipe
  • Sewage overflow particularly during heavy rain / storm

How to minimise damage before MCS arrives:

  • The first thing to do is try and limit the spread of contaminated water by closing the door to the toilet/bathroom with old rags/towels at the base of the door.
  • Call a licenced plumber, if they detect the cause or blockage is outside the boundary of the property contacts below for your respected council.

Brisbane City (Urban Utilities) Tel. 13 23 64

Logan City Council Tel.3412 3412

Redland City Council Tel. 3829 8999

Ipswich City Council Tel.3810 6666

Morton Bay Regional Council (Unity Water) Tel. 1300 086 489

Gold Coast City Council Tel. 1300 000 928

Scenic Rim Council Tel.5540 5111

Sunshine Coast City Council (Unity Water) Tel. 1300 086 489

In the meantime, mitigate further damage by taking the following steps:

  1. Avoid cross contamination by using separate and dedicated footwear in the affected area. Change footwear on the edge of the contaminated floor-covering.
  2. If you have a substantial area of your home/building affected where contaminated items need to be disposed, it is ideal to place plastic down over the unaffected areas exiting the house/property as close as possible to the contaminated area.
  3. Turn-off any electrical items in the wet areas (if safe to do so).
  4. If you have polished timber furniture, if moved as soon as possible after the incident at times this can be saved or alternatively if the item is too large to move, fold alfoil over several times and progressively work your way around the base of each timber item thereby protecting your furniture from the contaminated water/moisture.
  5. Take photos and record all visible damage for insurance (if applicable).
  6. If you have a full bookcase or large cupboard within the contaminated area, it should be emptied to allow MCS to remove this item.