When accidents/trauma occurs, the victim’s family undergo substantial emotional stress and cleaning up the scene of the incident or even attending the property can cause further grief.  

Thankfully MCS provides trauma and death scene clean up services with expertise, careful and thorough assessment and experienced restoration skills when you incur such an incident.

Accidents, incidents and deaths can occur in homes, the work place, public areas, accommodation units and special facilities. Trauma/death scene work can vary from a recent event to one where the deceased has not been found for several days or longer. Biohazard clean-ups can include loss of blood, faeces and/or urine spillages due to medical conditions of the occupier or other various causes.

Overview of service

  • Immediate response – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Discrete professional service and empathetic towards our clients.
  • Compliance with any customer specific requirements.
  • Request if any special items/personal belongings of sentimental value exist and preserve if possible.
  • Remove contaminated effects/items/floor coverings and dispose of responsibly.
  • Decontaminate, clean and deodorise the affected and surrounding areas.
  • Restore site to a safe and habitable condition.
  • Provide a detailed invoice of work under-taken and itemised list of effects disposed of responsibly.

Since 1988 Moisture Control Services has been directly engaged in this line of work. MCS provides a professional service and has developed a thorough, methodical approach which is critical in ensuring total decontamination. Proper equipment, an understanding of building construction and a capability to handle many diverse situations are necessities.

We offer a discreet, professional service – the aim being to undergo the necessary procedures while being understanding and empathetic towards our clients. 

Medical condition/illness

MCS is often engaged by retirement homes and private owners due to medical conditions of the occupier (e.g. lack of control over bodily functions). MCS removes, decontaminates, cleans and deodorises the affected and surrounding areas.

Substantial blood loss

Due to a wide variety of situations, substantial blood loss over floors, walls, content items, etc. are encountered.  A thorough decontamination, clean and deodorise of the affected and surrounding areas is required for this type of trauma site. Disposing of contaminated items is usually required and performed by MCS.

Deceased sites

Workplace or home accidents, homicide, suicide and natural death are the main causes of a deceased site. Situations encountered vary from blood loss, substantial odour and serious contamination/bio-hazardous due to the decomposition process. MCS has the experience, procedures and resources necessary to deal with the variety of deceased sites encountered, many of which have remained undiscovered for several days, if not longer.

All contaminated sites undergo a proven decontamination procedure removing pathogens and body fluids, which involves cleaning, filtering internal air and deodorizing the affected and surrounding area. In the more extreme cases, skirting boards and sections of plaster walls are cut out in order to gain access to the contaminated liquids.

Law enforcement vehicles/facility clean-ups

MCS provides complete services to emergency services facilities and vehicles that have been contaminated by bio-hazardous substances such as blood, urine, faeces and vomit.

Our services cover; emergency vehicle decontamination, prison cells/detention centres/holding areas or interrogation room clean-ups.