MCS has assisted clients on the east coast of Australia providing expertise, assessment, and restoration when valuable documents, records, files or book collection has incurred water damage. MCS has the expertise to dry  out wet books, records, documents or files. Also provided solution for sewage contaminated documents.

Overview of Service

  1.  Mitigation and recovery of damaged property:
  • Quick response is required to save documents being contaminated with mould.
  • Seamless project management.
  • Organised pack out (removal off site for treatment) or on site
  • Large freezer storage facilities exist to prevent further damage.
  • Fast track service and rapid retrieval for most critical documents.
  1.  Specialised drying facilities for documents exist at Moisture Control Service premises.
  • Efficient and effective recovery process guaranteeing workmanship and quality end result.
  • Minimise business interruption.

MCS is a “recovery and decontamination specialist” allowing us to respond with speed in your time of need. Moisture Control Services can set up on-site mobile drying chambers or use our 24 cubic meter dehumidification chamber at our business premises. In comparison to other options, being a desiccant dehumidification chamber, it has the capacity to remove greater levels of moisture from damaged items.

MCS recognises that quite often we are working with documents and files of a confidential nature. For this reason,  we have systems in place designed to protect all parties – this can, among other things, mean that all restoration works are executed on site.

All work is undertaken with due care necessary to promote a safe working environment for all involved. Moisture Control Services OH&S standards are adopted for the protection of clients, your customers and suppliers, and our team members.

If wet documents are untreated, concerns stem from mould contamination is the likely result where such secondary damage can spread via air borne mould spores thereby causing further damage together with major health issues. This is why any wet documents, files or books should be professional dried as soon as possible.

If immediate treatment is not possible, MCS has ample capacity to freeze wet affected documents/books. Temperatures below freezing will not kill mould, but they do make it dormant thereby protecting your valuable data and preventing further mould growth. As documents come out, they can be dried and then returned to the client. This also allows MCS to handle jobs anywhere along the East Coast of Australia, where pack-outs are organised, packed into refrigerated semi-trailers and transported to MCS for treatment.