We specialise in fast response service for emergencies (Residential / Commercial / Industrial). MCS will have a highly trained and fully qualified field Technician on site to control your disaster and commence restoration immediately. We provide water damage expertise, assessment, restoration, repairs, remediation when you incur water damage to your apartment, unit, house or property affecting your carpet, furniture, ceiling, timber/wood floor, contents and walls.

Overview of service

  1. Mitigation and recovery of damaged property;
  • Water extraction and limiting secondary damage to furniture (blocking up contents)
  • Drying of carpet and timber flooring
  • Protect and dry furniture, contents and fittings
  • Structural drying (walls, ceiling and floors)

Returning your workplace, home, common area back to a pre-loss condition.

  1. Detailed Insurance Industry reporting and invoicing is standard for MCS.
  2. Specialised drying facilities for documents, inventory items or contents.
  3. Efficient and effective recovery process guaranteeing workmanship and 
    quality end result.
  4. Minimise business interruption and temporary 3 phase power boards are 
    available where electricity is limit.
  5. Can directly invoice your Insurance Company or Body Corporate.

MCS is a “recovery and decontamination specialist” allowing us to respond with speed in your time of need. We have an extensive range of drying equipment available ensuring we can meet a surge of jobs due to severe storms or a major high-rise/commercial water damage disaster.

Where possible, MCS “float dries” water damaged carpet. At the same time, the underlay, sub-flooring and skirting board area is dried and all in the shortest possible time frame. Furthermore, this method will minimise the browning affect which can be left on the surface of your carpet. Browning is where the jute backing wicks up the carpet fibre leaving a dark stain which is why carpet should not be dried on top. Our drying method means less time, less noise and less inconvenience to you.

MCS is converse in dealing with assessors, quantity surveyors, property managers, insurance companies, insurance brokers, body corporate management and real estate property managers (converse with tenancy rights). Separate reporting and invoicing between content damage, structural drying and common area restoration is standard practise for MCS thereby minimising your time with the administration of this unfortunate incident.

Work is undertaken with due care necessary to promote a safe working environment for all involved. Moisture Control Services OH&S standards are adopted for the protection of clients and our team members. All MCS technicians are experienced carpet layers, so you can rest assure your floor coverings are in safe hands.

No job is too big or small for MCS. With our team of experienced technicians we guarantee a quality end result and customer satisfaction.